Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Why do many people still believe that if you do hundreds of reps for your abs you will burn stomach fat? In my 20+ years in fitness I have seen this countless times in the gym and have seen many so called experts prescribe this in countless programs. please do not listen to these people or you will be very disappointed with the results and with yourself.

Today, along with exercise to get rid of stomach fat, we are raising our family with less red meat and white starches than I may have eaten as a kid, and fresh produce is front and center in our meals at home. Just like you, we want to be role models for healthful eating and nutritious food choices so that our kids grow up to be healthy and strong. Nowadays, our naked foods-of-choice might be blueberries and strawberries piled high on morning oatmeal, fruit smoothies we make other veggies in an egg white omelet or sliced avocados on nearly anything! We eat a lot of fresh fish prepared simply in the oven or on the grill and our frig is always stocked with a big variety of fruits and veggies.Reframe how you think about the food you eat.

You can monitor your exact caloric intake, but a more practical approach is to take a macro look at what you eat.  The advice is straightforward, and the message is simple. The idea of natural  food is just a way to keep us mindful that when we take the best of natural ingredients and cover them with sauce, bury them in layers of fat, salt, sugar and chemicals or process them to death and put them in a bag or a box – If you’re like most people who have made an earnest effort to lose weight but haven’t seen results, chances are your workouts are stuck in the “no man’s land” of medium intensity. So don't forget along with exercise to get rid of stomach fat, Forget what you may have read about the “fat burning zone,” an aerobic intensity mild enough that you can still carry on a conversation during exercise. The best way to lose weight is to exercise at very high intensities on hard days. we’ve ruined them. Think about it.
Program yourself to think of it as life-sustaining energy, not as a reward to be withheld and dispensed as an emotional Band Aid. THERE AIN’T NO FREE LUNCH— BUT Everybody wants to believe there is a shortcut for everything we do.Being a gym rat since 1980 the majority of people know that you need a good full body workout with multi-joint exercises and eating a nutritionally balanced diet is also needed, but it is so easy to be talked into trying something that doesn’t seem like work, that we give it a try.  Including abdominal workouts and losing belly for your abs, if your program incorporates full body workouts, some cardio and abdominal work you will reap the benefits much quicker and with grater detail
Keep a food diary for several days and then look over the list. Anyone who tries this exercise should be able to identify problem areas. You don’t meet many people lugging around excess adipose tissue who subsist on a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts,and lean meat. If you see calorie bombs pop up on the list that aren’t doing anything to enhance your fitness, make a point of eating them less frequently or not at all.That leaves you with two choices: train harder or reduce the number of calories you consume in a healthy, sustainable way.  Also think about how you spend your training time. When you have a hard day, do you really pour on the intensity? When you have easy days, do you spend time on regeneration? Or do you tend to just workout at a medium intensity all the time?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

¿Mereces mas de TU VIDA? .......Ejercicios para adelgazar y ganar energia y pasion!

Aunque nunca has hecho ejercicios para adelgazar ni deportes podemos ayudarte a disfrutar de los multiples benificios para tu salud, estado mental, tu cuerpo y tu futuro!

¡Ponerse en forma = ganar energia, pasión, felicidad y salud! --- 

No pierdes mas tiempo y dinero con pastillas y engaños para perder peso --- Ahora bien, es importante saber que sólo un programa de ejercicios de edad no necesariamente tener éxito. La mayoría de personas intentan cada vez más una rutina de ejercicio muy bueno no está funcionando con eficacia suficiente para estimular la verdadera pérdida de grasa abdominal obstinada. Veo esto todos los días en el gimnasio.

La mayoría de la gente hará sus típicas rutinas de cardio aburrido ineficaces, tiro en una pequeña parte del peso corporal de los anticuados métodos de entrenamiento y la eliminación de un número de ajuste de la bomba y la inclinación lateral, y que están haciendo algo útil para reducir la grasa abdominal . Luego se frustran después de semanas o meses sin resultados, no sé su problema paradero.
Ah, la buena noticia es que he pasado 10 años investigando este, el análisis científico tema, ya que en su aplicación “en las trincheras” conmigo mismo y mis clientes de los miles de entradas en todo el mundo para ver realmente estimular la pérdida de grasa abdominal.

Toda la solución … todas las estrategias nutricionales, así como secuencias de entrenamiento, las combinaciones de ejercicios, más personas se han incorporado a mi la verdad acerca de seis pack abs programa.
Recuerde, esto no es todo el proceso de ejercicios abdominales (esto es solo una pequeña parte de ella). El punto principal es que el programa le muestra la más absoluta estrategias eficaces para perder la grasa obstinada del vientre, para que pueda deshacerse de este peligroso riesgos para la salud, y el más específico sea el medio de la plana.

Si usted sigue las directrices, usted perderá la grasa abdominal ha estado molestando desde hace años. Esto no es una especulación … es un sistema probado, que funciona para mí una vez más a todos los clientes en las esquinas del globo Yingyong real la información que enseño. Si se aplica, los resultados vendrán. Es así de simple. 

Podemos ayudarte si pones de tu parte practicando unos ejercicios eficaces y seguro para adelgazar